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Contemporary Music

Elecroacoutic music & Piano


The Detail:

  • Category: Mixed Muis & Contemporary Music
  • Materials Piano and Electronics

The repertoire is made out of Canadian, German and Taiwanese compositions. For personal interest and research-creation approach, I devoted my work to the Canadian contemporary music written for the piano and electronics.

Andrew Svoboda / « Je Me Moi » / 2000 / Piano, 1 Soft Mallet & DAT tape or CD/ 6’: 20’’

Denis Dion / « Les revers de nos travers »/ 2007/ Piano & CD/ 8’: 24’’

Peter Ablinger/ Piano and Voices for piano and fixed Media

Cheng/ Morning Rain /piano and Interactive Computer System

Javiar Alvarez/Papalotl/Piano and Electronics (fixed media)

Etienne Nadeau-Plamondon / « Un délai pour Paxhalles » /2013/ Piano and Live electronics/ 5’:00’’

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