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Augmented Piano and Disklavier

Piano and Real Time Electronic Manipulation & Fixed Media / Disklavier and Interactive Audiovisual Computer system

The Piano+ is a performance system for an acoustic piano with electronic augmentation and preparation to explore the relation between acoustic and electronic sounds. During the last years, Anoush Moazzeni has been exploring possibilities within the aesthetics emerging from this performance system which emphasis compositional matters through potential alternations of acoustic properties and the Use of technology and new media. She uses new technologies such as motion tracking and gestural based sound mixing, to facilitate the improvisation while playing and using tools(controllers, pedals, mixing console) for making real time electronic manipulations of sound and image at the same time. To expand the possibilities She will use different musical and technical approaches as below: Extended acoustic piano techniques

a.1 The “Prepared Piano”

a. 2 The “Inside Piano”

b- Electronic augmentation ( amplification, filtering and sound events)

c- Implemented Electroacoustic Processes ( real-time interactive audio processing)

d- Direct and Indirect Involvement in Sound Production ( Gesture based sound mixing/sound designing)

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